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PART NO. 675023

For disassembly and reassembly of automatic rewind manual starters.
Comes complete with handle, bushing, base plate and spring anchor pin.

Discontinued; Replaced by 392093

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Install starter spring as follows:

1. Place base plate in vise (horizontal position is recommended for more positive grip - illustrations show plate in vertical position) and place spring on top of starter pulley with spring loop on inside end slipped over anchor pin.

2. Slide free end of spring between two pins on fixture base and place pulley with spring on fixture base.

3. Insert handle shaft thru pulley bore and into fixture base. See figure 3. NOTE: On starter pulleys with large holes, use bushing over crank shaft. This bushing is furnished with tool.

4. Use fixture crank to wind spring counterclockwise until tight. Release at least one turn, continuing to release until loop in spring lines up with holes drilled thru edge of pulley. Slide one end of pin (figure 4) thru holes in pulley and spring loop.

5. Remove pulley with spring from fixture base. See figure 5. Remove crank from pulley.

6. Insert cord in pulley and engage anchor hook on end of cord on reinforced face of pulley.

7. Insert free end of cord thru hole in starter housing with a half cord of rope on pulley.

8. Carefully place pulley with spring into starter housing with spring loop lined up exactly with pin in starter housing. See figure 6.

9. Insert starter spindle in starter pulley. Press pulley into starter housing forcing out pin which held spring.

10. Secure pulley to starter housing with screw, washer and nut.