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August, 1970



ON MODELS: 1970 - 60, 85 and 115 H.P.

If you remove the black plugs on the air silencer cover you can individually adjust the low speed needles - if you can ”pop. the adjusting arm off the needle spline. To make that job easier, we have designed the tool illustrated. You simply insert this handy tool through the opening and behind the adjusting arm. By placing a screwdriver in one of the convenient slots, you can "pop" the arm off of the needle spline. This tool makes the job so easy that every mechanic will want one in his tool box.

The Knob Removing Tool, P/N 384905, is priced at only $1.00 net. Order directly from the OMC Parts Depot in Galesburg.


We now have available a dash panel kit, P/N 172346, which will cover the hole left when a customer trades for a 1970 model engine. The suggested list price is $1.75 and can be purchased through your Parts Distributor.

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NOTE: Post on your 60, 85 and 115 H.P. Indexes under the heading "Carburetion".