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April, 1971


SUBJECT: Installing Gearcase Solenoid Shift Rods

MODELS: 1971 50 Thru 125 H.P.

The gearcase castings used on the 50 thru 125 H.P. engines were recently changed to eliminate the cast in funnel shaped shift rod casing guide above the oil pump. With the guide no longer there, you will have to use extra care when locating the solenoid shift rods since it is possible to install them incorrectly. For instance, if the shift rods are installed off center, the gearcase would operate in forward only. After the solenoids are installed and before the cover is installed, check with a flashlight to make sure the shift rods are centered on the lever arms as shown in figure 1.


NOTE: Before installing the oil pump, make sure the steel balls are in position shown in figure 2. It is possible, through rough handling, for the balls to get jammed under the lever arms making the shift mechanism inoperative.
FOOTNOTE: To obtain literature pertaining to 1971 and future Stern Drives, please contact OMC Stern Drive, 3145 Central Ave., Waukegan, Illinois, 60085

Post on your 50 - 125 H.P. indexes under the heading "Lower Unit".