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Date: May, 2006

MODELS: Evinrude® E-TEC® 40-60 HP Outboards

No. 2006-05(S)

SUBJECT: Water Pump Assembly

Dear Evinrude/Johnson® Dealers:
This communication is to provide information relat­ed to product changes on Evinrude E-TEC 40-60 HP outboards.
A change to water pump assembly was released to production. The 0-ring positioned between the im­peller liner and impeller housing is not required, and has been removed from the water pump as­sembly.

  1. Impeller housing                                                    
  2. Impeller liner
  3. 0-ring (NOT USED)

This change improves water pump performance and the water pump's ability to purge air from the pump housing. Outboards run at higher transom settings and in severely aerated water conditions will benefit most from this change.


Intermittent high speed overheating (accompanied by an overheat alarm) may be an indication of a damaged water pump. Aerated water entering the pump at high speeds can cause impeller damage, evidenced by rubber transfer to the top of the water pump liner. Replace the damaged water pump, as­sembling the new water pump without the 0-ring between the liner and the housing.